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Cleaning Braces for Better Dental Treatment

February 6, 2021
Braces are one of the most memorable times of growing up. Not necessarily good memories! While many are forced to take up braces as teenagers, it is not uncommon amongst children and adults. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s not one of the most desirable. One of the most daunting tasks of having braces is cleaning. The simplest thing in the world, brushing becomes one of the most complicated things as we have to clean our teeth, mouth as well as the braces.
​Brushing is not usually a time consuming activity, however cleaning with braces can take a significantly longer time. The combined activity of brushing, flossing, gargling and everything else can take up at least 5 minutes. Let’s look at some steps to make the process of cleaning with braces:​

Things You'll Need for Cleaning Braces ​

The following are some of the most basic things which are required for cleaning with braces. While there are no alternatives for brushing, other activities such as flossing have suitable alternatives such as using picking tools. Due to the restriction within our mouths due to braces, mouthwash is an integral part of the cleaning process.
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Step 1 :

Using a good toothbrush is very crucial. It is highly recommended by dentists to use electric toothbrush as they have the control and rotation which may not be consistent with normal brush. Depending on your orthodontist/dentist you may be recommended a particular brush.

Step 2 :

Using a good toothpaste is also highly critical. With braces, the amount of toothpaste, the type does not matter so long as you are using a toothpaste which is recommended by your dentist. If you are using an electrical brush then the rotation will be circular. If not, then put toothpaste on your brush as normal and brush in small round movements. It is not recommended to brush up and down when cleaning with braces.

Step 3 :

While brushing, maintain an angle to be under your braces while will help reaching the difficult spaces. Continue brushing every teeth and make sure you spit everything out. Gargle with water, and you’re your mouth. Check for any visible dirt left in your mouth and get rid of anything remaining.

Step 4 :

Use floss! It is important that you dig in between your teeth to make sure there is nothing remaining there. Use the floss on your braces as much as you do in between your teeth.

Step 5 :

Finally, check to make sure that none of your brace brackets are loose, or in any way not in their normal condition. Check your mouth for sores, and other injuries. Finish with mouthwash to make sure your get a lively and fresh feeling mouth.

Tips and Warnings for Cleaning Braces​

Take care of your gums when using braces, since they can irritate your gums using strips. You may use picks, if flossing is too difficult. Brush and floss is essential after every meal to make sure cleaning braces does not get too difficult. Cleaning only once a day can be hectic, and unhealthy for you. It is always recommended to finish with mouthwash. If, at any time, you feel pain, discomfort, bleeding or other troubles contact your Brampton dentist for a checkup. Stay clean, fresh and healthy!

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