Tooth Extraction

Professional tooth extraction services in Brampton

At some point in life, you may have to endure tooth pain if you haven’t already, and it’s better to get it checked by a dentist. If it turns out to be a damaged tooth that’s beyond repair, it’s advisable to extract it as soon as possible. Ignoring an infected, damaged tooth can lead to future oral problems that you would want to avoid. If you’re living in Brampton, then consider scheduling an appointment at Hakeem Dental for professional tooth extraction services; contact our team for more details.

A few reasons why you might need to sit for tooth extraction

We understand that when it comes to tooth extractions, you might not be very comfortable with the idea. However, in some dental issues, tooth extraction is the only option, and you will have to sit on the dentist’s chair for the surgery. These can be:

Infected tooth

Broken tooth where repair is not possible

Wisdom tooth

You can speak with our team to resolve any query you may have. Our services are available to clients across Brampton.

Does it Hurt?

You should know that extractions are far less invasive than what you expect, and at Hakeem Dental, we ensure that the damaged tooth is removed as gently and safely as possible. Our dental professionals will thoroughly numb the surgery area first. Throughout the procedure, we will see to it that you’re at ease. Post-surgery, we will also share all the details you should know about how to recover quickly. Once you have recovered, you can opt for a dental implant with a dental crown or bridge for a long-lasting and reliable replacement.
To schedule an appointment for tooth extraction in Brampton, contact Hakeem Dental today!
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