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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment can provide an effective means of saving a tooth that might otherwise require removal. The presence of the teeth and their root structures helps to maintain the overall structure of the jaw. Root canal treatment may be recommended if the pulp of the tooth becomes dead (non-vital).

The pulp is the main source of blood supply to the tooth and it receives its nourishment from vessels that pass through the roots of the tooth (root canals). If the pulp becomes non-vital, if there is irreversible inflammation present or if the tooth has suffered trauma through an injury, root canal treatment may be warranted. A tooth that is abscessed will show a localised pus formation at the root end of the tooth. If the abscess is left untreated you may experience severe discomfort and the infection could spread to the surrounding bone.

Root canal treatment may not be recommended if the tooth has a poor prognosis (can not be saved) or if the inflammation is reversible. A pre-existing health condition may also affect the decision as to whether or not the client should undergo root canal treatment. Your dentist will discuss all available treatment options.

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