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Cleaning Invisalign for Better Dental Treatment

February 6, 2021
Invisalign is the solution of braces without the hassles. Using Invisalign gives you the results achieved using traditional braces while reducing the hassles such as the look, comfort, cleanliness, etc. While braces are metallic casings for your teeth, Invisalign is the exact opposite which are comfortable, invisible alignment trays. These are created fitted exactly for your teeth, just as braces are fitted.
With Invisalign, the trays mold the growth of your teeth over a period of time giving you the desired results.  Invisalign are the premium grade of braces for teeth. A service which gives invisible solution to such an integral part of yourself. Comparatively, it tends to be a bit more expensive and thus requires extra care for cleaning with Invisalign. Visit your near by Brampton dentist for effective dental Invisalign treatment.

Understanding the Basics of Cleaning Invisalign

Invisalign are removable products such as aligners, retainers, braces, etc. So, it is not fixed as is the case with traditional metal braces. So in order for you to get your desired results, you must make sure that both the products and your teeth are clean individually. While there are proprietary methods of cleaning with Invisalign, there are simpler methods which are no less effective.

Step 1 :

First thing you must do is remove the Invisalign from your teeth. Make sure that you do this carefully without damaging yourself or the brace. Follow the instructions given by your dentist to remove it with care. While traditional metal braces can be cleaned while in our mouth, Invisalign needs to be cleaned after taking it out.

Step 2 :

Brush the Invisalign aligner, tray, or case with care. Just as you would use toothpaste and toothbrush for brushing your teeth, use a softer a brush to clean the Invisalign. Gentle strokes are required to make sure there is no residue in your Invisalign. Clean both sides, inside and out.

Step 3 :

Brush your teeth as you normally would. Flossing and using mouthwash is highly recommended. After cleaning your teeth and the Invisalign, you can place it back in your mouth.

Things to Know About Cleaning Invisalign

Invisible braces, such as Invisalign, is most helpful in giving you the desired results for a beautiful smile and healthy teeth while saving you from the hassles of normal metal braces. You must take good care of both your teeth and Invisalign to make sure that your results are achieved within desired timeframe. While traditional braces are uncomfortable, Invisalign gives you comfort!

There is no visual trouble while using Invisalign, but extra care must be taken for its cleanliness. Since, it is a removal procedure, you must take care in ensuring that it is not removed for too long. The only need for you to remove them should be to clean them or for any other urgencies. However, proper care and maintenance will allow you to get your results without compromise. You can eat chewy and difficult food as long as you clean your teeth and Invisalign properly as mentioned above.

Maintain your essential dental hygiene by cleaning with Invisalign in simply – remove Invisalign, brush and floss your teeth, rinse with mouthwash, and place it back for a beautiful smile!
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