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Few things a dentist must think before doing cosmetic dentistry

March 18, 2022

Cosmetic dentistry procedures not only enhance your teeth’s appearance but also improve your overall oral health. Even though these treatments can give your smile and teeth a new lease of life, at times, they can be taken too far. Below-mentioned are few things a dentist must be aware of before doing cosmetic dentistry treatments to their clients.

Taking a whole lot too soon

Most dentists take too much in a very short period. You may not be sure what direction you want to proceed in, or what dental issues the patient might be experiencing like periodontal and orthodontic problems.

Overpromising your patients

Some cosmetic dentists overpromise their patients to undertake certain cosmetic dentistry treatments. Dentists need to be on the same page as their patients about expectations to ensure the result achieved is desirable. Before you accept any treatment, make sure you clearly understand what the goal of the patient is, and most importantly, do not promise a good result without carrying out a diagnosis first. Otherwise, your patient will be unhappy and it will lead to a lot of stress.

Not carrying out a proper diagnosis for your patient

At times, a cosmetic dentist’s enthusiasm can ignore the patient’s needs and can lead to over-diagnosis or completely ignoring it. Before jumping to any conclusions, make sure you understand why the patient’s teeth look the way they are. Why are certain areas of the teeth chipped? Why are the gums inflamed? Not addressing these above-mentioned dental issues can cause certain dental problems and create a negative impact on your practice

Ignoring gum tissue

Because most dentists’ training is devoted to improving one’s teeth, they sometimes tend to forget the importance of gum tissue, and the impact it can have if left ignored or damaged. A dentist can replace one’s teeth, but the height of the gums can be uneven, which can worsen the appearance of your teeth. What sets apart your teeth from a mediocre cosmetic dentistry procedure to a fantastic procedure is understanding the contours of the gingiva and the line angles of the teeth

Not matching the shade to the remaining natural teeth

When doing cosmetic treatments on a single tooth, the tooth must match the shade of the other natural teeth. A few dentists will try to overcome this problem by carrying out multiple restorations which can prove to be costly.

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