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Get your Dental Implants in Orangeville Now

November 22, 2016

Are you looking to replace your missing tooth or teeth but finds traditional dentures uncomfortable? The dental implants are the thing for you! It is small titanium post, an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jaw to hold the replacement of the tooth. After the fusion of the bone and implant, the implant acts like the root of a new tooth.

Benefits of Dental implants

There are number of benefits that dental implants offer over older dentures. These implants don’t affect the adjacent teeth as they function as a stand-alone tooth. To learn more about dental implants in brampton, visit Hakeem dental clinic today! Some other benefits are as follows:

Immediate results

Dental Implants can be fixed in one-single procedure. This tooth functions like a natural tooth.

To improve appearance

When natural teeth are missing, the jawbone lacks any support to stimulate growth. Thus, the body starts to dissolve the jawbone and resulting in jaw collapse with wrinkles around the mouth. These implants make these wrinkles virtually reduced. Thus, these implants will preserve bone and improve the facial structure. 


Dental implants look like natural teeth. You can eat whatever you want. This boosts in more confidence and self-esteem as you have nothing to be ashamed of!

Permanently Fixed

The implants are permanently fixed to your jaw. They never have to come out for anything like eating food or brushing. Thus, they make you more comfortable.

Keeping Natural Teeth Healthy

Dental implants do not involve the natural tooth. Thus, they are not destroyed because of this. Thus, the natural teeth last healthy for longer period.

Easy Care

Caring for the implants is same as caring for a normal tooth. It does not require any special treatment. You should just brush and floss regularly.

Need of dental Implant

The factors which may determine the fixation of dental implants are as follows:

  • Location of the removed or missing tooth
  • Patient’s health
  • Cost of implantation
  • Preference of a patient

Are you willing to try it out? Give us call and get dental implants in Orangeville today!​

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