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Myths about Root Canal Treatment

June 28, 2022
When it comes to root canal treatments, you might feel a bit queasy. You might have an image of a dental drill in your mouth while you lie on the dentist’s chair, not being able to move. Yes, that does sound scary, but in reality, undergoing root canal treatment is nothing to be worried about at all. Yes, you may find some incorrect and unproven theories that may lead to you being afraid, but it’s nothing to avoid the treatment altogether. Below is a list of rumours and myths regarding this treatment that we have busted in this blog post; read on to get rid of your fear of root canal treatments.

Random root canal treatment myths that you should ignore

  • They hurt: This is far from the truth. Yes, maybe when the procedure first started ages ago, without the use of sedatives, the process may have been painful. However, nowadays, with the help of anesthetics, the treatment is as less painful as getting a filling. Also, your dentist’s team will always be there to make you feel at ease.
  • Tooth pain and root canal go hand-in-hand: No, they don’t! If you are suffering from a toothache, there can be several reasons behind it. Maybe it’s due to tooth decay, or there’s a cracked tooth that you can’t visibly see; it might even be due to gum disease. Your dentist will only suggest a root canal when the pulp of the tooth is infected and there is a high chance of losing the tooth.
  • It’s time-consuming: Maybe in the old days, but with the advancement in dental science, the entire procedure can be completed within one to two sessions. However, it depends on the extent of infection and the challenges that your dentist may face during the procedure. Keep a note that tooth restoration post-treatment is not considered a part of the process.
  • The benefits are temporary: Wrong again! The results are long-lasting. After the actual procedure is completed, you will not have that nagging pain that you have been suffering from because of the infected tooth. And once the crown is put on, the restored tooth will function like a natural one.
  • You can’t have a root canal if you’re pregnant: We don’t know what the origin of this myth is, but again, it’s even further from the truth. Root Canal treatments require a small x-ray, and the radiation in the process is very minimal and only aimed at the mouth, not the abdomen. Also, a lead apron is used when the x-ray is carried out.
  • It’s costly: Compared to tooth extractions, root canal treatments and dental crown installations are more affordable. However, the cost of both procedures depends on the condition of the infected tooth or teeth.

Never ignore an infected teeth

When you are suffering from an infected tooth, the best option is to visit your dentist and get it treated immediately. Else, the infection may spread, and you may end up going to the dental clinic more than once. Your dentist will suggest if you will have to undergo a root canal treatment or not. If you are looking for a dentist in Brampton, then consider getting in touch with Hakeem Dental. They have a modern clinic and are well-known for carrying out painless root canal treatment in Brampton. We hope reading this blog has helped reduce your fear of this procedure. For more interesting topics like this, bookmark this blog.

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