The benefits of dental braces and Invisalign

March 17, 2022

Getting dental braces or Invisalign does a whole lot of good to your self-confidence. Below-mentioned is their benefits

Benefits of Invisalign

They are virtually invisible

It is practically in the name. What sets apart Invisalign from other teeth straightening solutions is that their appearance is virtually invisible. The aligners are made of a see-through material that is moulded and fits your teeth perfectly. You will be able to show off your smile more confidently and go on about your day without anybody noticing them

They are very comfortable

Unlike traditional metal braces that can be uncomfortable, Invisalign braces are designed to fit your teeth perfectly, hence making them very comfortable. There are no metal wires required to hold on to your teeth, and their smooth-textured surface means they will feel safe and pleasant in your mouth.

They will significantly improve your bite

In addition to Invisalign braces straightening your teeth, they will also improve any bite issues that you may be experiencing. If you have an overbite, it can be difficult for you to chew your food, while having an underbite can lead to your teeth getting chipped, or wearing down. With the help of Invisalign, these problems can be solved and can push your teeth into their correct position.

Benefits of dental braces

Drastically improves your overall oral health

Dental braces can straighten teeth that are misaligned or crooked. Additionally, it also contributes to healthy gums. Having straight teeth makes it easier for you to clean, floss and brush. Your oral hygiene will be excellent and it also prevents any future periodontal diseases and cavities

Prevents gum diseases

One of the major long-term benefits of wearing dental braces is the prevention of gum diseases. Gum diseases are usually infections of the soft tissue that surrounds the teeth. Over half of the world’s population experience this issue. It can usually be categorized as gingivitis or severe periodontal disease.

Prevents tooth decay

Wearing dental braces can significantly reduce your chances of developing tooth decay. When teeth overlap or are more pronounced, they are exposed to uneven wear and tear. They will also make it extremely difficult to clean and make it uncomfortable to bite and chew. Not removing food particles and plaque between the teeth can lead to bacteria festering and multiplying, causing them to eat the surface enamel of the teeth, ultimately causing the teeth to decay.

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