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Why are Dental Crowns Important for Your Oral Health?

May 25, 2022

The dental crown looks like the top of the tooth, and it protects its structure from further damage. Your dentist will generally use them to strengthen, protect and enhance the look of your teeth as they are very adaptable when it comes to dental restorations. Especially if the treated tooth or teeth has suffered from structural impairments, infection or cosmetic problems, then dental crowns can restore their functionality. Generally, there are two types of crowns used for tooth restorations.

  • Porcelain crowns fused with metal: It’s used on posterior teeth because of the strength that the metal can provide during chewing. The porcelain part of the tooth gives it a natural look.
  • Porcelain crown: This type of crown is recommended for anterior teeth; it comprises several layers of porcelain to match the shading and the clarity of a natural tooth.

If you wonder why dental crowns in brampton are so important, this blog might give you a better understanding of how these restoration installations can improve your overall oral health. Read on to find out. And if you are living in Brampton, get in touch with Hakeem Dental; they will be happy to help you.

The benefits of dental crowns

Protection for an exposed tooth:  The crown plays the role of a cover for the exposed part of   a tooth. Porcelain can be attached to metal crowns, and as there is no direct force applied to the tooth, the height helps maintain the tooth after it’s been injured.


Makes the tooth stronger: In this regard, you should know that the dental nerve in your tooth keeps it alive and post root canal, it is removed with the pulp; this, in turn, can make the tooth brittle. Here, a dental crown offers more strength to the treated tooth.


Improve dental aesthetics: Dental crowns are also often used to conceal permanently discolored or deformed teeth. They can be made to blend in with adjacent teeth and give  your smile a natural look.


Dental support: When you lose a tooth, a crown can provide the necessary support your dental replacements require. If a post is inserted into your jaw to enable your bone to fuse it in place, a crown will be placed on the abutment to restore the shape and function of your mouth. Crowns also hold and support dental bridges, allowing you to chew, smile, and speak comfortably.


Long-lasting: Depending on the material and how to maintain your oral hygiene, your dental crown can last up to 10 years. The tooth’s location also plays a role in the crown’s longevity.

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